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tv   [untitled]    July 3, 2011 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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holiday in the city hotels. in the region country clubs so boring sure to find this piece of the first earth not sure can pinsky switzer till closing the hold built in let me go it's going to go through all boutique hotels. at the top stories of the past week interview right here on r.t. and a brutal protest shook greece off of government approved harsh new cuts to stop the country from drowning in is that now an extra twelve billion euros or the e.u. coming to the rescue of greece's economy within weeks. from the international criminal court issues and arrest warrant for the cafes claiming the libyan leader all attacks on civilians to suppress the ongoing civil war but in an exclusive interview to r.t. son explained why he believes the court is nothing more than nato is parked. in
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front of us a captain of a guard flotilla ship was arrested by trying to leave port without permission several international vessels with activists and humanitarian aid on board were forced to anchor in greece's waters following what activists believe it's pressure from israel and the u.s. right up next here on our teats our special report on how tens of thousands of people survive in the world's largest roughish village do stay with us. oh.
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to to. you .
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all wrong that i once went into cairo to collect trash i realized everyone was well dressed i wasn't so hot i was a bit upset. even by that and i'm off to this city has three social classes will follow and all the upper class will go up and middle class. then there's the nothing class.
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they need that's us. and them as. the. people. good.
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morning miss not everyone here works in a garbage. can. but. if i do we're like one big family and we. completely understand one another being. and everyone here knows everyone. it will watch out for. the. good system over here when i conduct my health as it's unsafe to say hey i'm a mix more than just my jobs and if a. young i was calm rational
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thinking most father will not be what you needed because you work with trash special because of the oh i'm already over there from gladly not as yet i'm glad to end up on all of that sort of. thing yeah let's let's go don't discuss that one up yet a lot out of the record i had my arm today that's exactly right in a fitness but you did the right move the political cut by glass and the first one gets dangerous looking and garbage lol so this will protect you from tetanus when lot of the people most present the holder in the fashion of those hands me and use arrange them. get it out that you are here that we're that good buzz insularis hands that you're not taking the shots for when i met a minister was so cute and one wanted this one more. so it. it was nothing. or something.
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oh it. wasn't that. if to. blow stuff it was. my dad works in plastic recycling. all over her and most of my father doesn't want me to work around job like this some job or why does one need to suffer like him. or her with the garbage work is dangerous work. haven't learned how to enjoy change i go from one job to another i was a woman still and i was looking for the job that suits me the best. i was a machinist a mechanic ok really an auto repair man. i was
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a carpenter's well that i worked earning close. when i was a salesman in a shoe shop. oh and i've had many careers. and it is the same this year started off full of joy i found out. i was full of happiness and goodness and the fear of. the sunday fearful that i produce bad luck. and yes sure.
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more than one company came from spain and italy ever again to multiply. expanded with time. they will take all our work for. the foreign companies contract says that they all know all the garbage you hear. more so than the city contributed with four in the waste disposal companies because they perceive the zabbaleen to be an old fashioned. standard but they didn't come to tell us you need to modernize your ways it wasn't
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a lot of simple medicine in and that the obvious was all done behind our backs. and i'm sure we're replacing it with companies so we can be liked about countries. but let's get started it's. all good guys we're facing hard times we need to get through this as we have the use of this community have you must go that what we know this is rather pathetic a business kyra hide three foreign companies know my elders and they'll take ultra . well this organ is no longer want to contract with us doubling us that better labor should all recognise our expertise on the earth and that is this is a serious challenge for american eyes of us and this is usually
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a means to understand that the foreign companies only recycle trying to present lashley in from a large we recycle eighty percent may have been at the earliest but now. plant. if this work is all we know then you know but if. we have been here for one hundred years ago. not the garbage has always been a work one of the lot well. it's like it's taken from us on and on and it will be without our daily bread. and then of course i'm furious they are no we're not going to we're the ones with the most experience and recycling when you go to bed the. thank you. the message that it does look
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a lot and they can i would look forward to foreign companies can i dreamed of owning a can cutting factory. i'm on an island but we have less garbage now. and our income comes from recycling trash. in a suburban we recycle eighty percent of the trash we collected all of. the
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year we turned garbage into roma tiriel says about half of the. why then rather than we sell it in egypt and abroad and kind of that one thing that . i'm wrong when we explored china belgium and france. when i get my father before i attended the recycling school what happened i felt i was blind as a band and i finally learned to read and write. but i'm here to learn safe recycling practices you know adults here and start counting.
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the total is four hundred. they were ahead of me. in this but that everyone is struggling for them including with holmes and all garbage all of them. and yet you know how things are i give you what you think was a must that makes you have a tiny penis only one hundred pounds
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a week and to some accounts last a month at a job that you know how slow summer i don't know just look out there are you sick no live why then and this article i'm at the end of my rope. he's the responsible player from the very. close he was just lazy that i was only lose my job a german fool will see a lot i want to be an altar boy. that is the way you want to be ordained and i want to turn my life around a little i really won't be opinion very accurately. i don't live close by here well if you rise up to it's mean and ugly and say here that result.
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there was an older boy in addition it is me i always feel. but i'm changing. as i will feel it because i am wearing something worthy. and. god willing or not for everyone will respect me this year.
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just before. it's light. one day or why father is in jail in less than ten minutes he was building an apartment for me in the book without the proper permits. of the building on our roof no there's no i want to hear without an apartment a boy can't get married enough in the air no one treats you like a grown man unless you're married.
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to a woman i think of my. father. i get sad about how this is some ghost playing playstation and i started to think of him. i want to cry. i'm a little on this new hit song. the song goes it's not right to be and we. had it before dad went to jail i lived my life to the fullest that meant i was just chilling to them and i was just thinking about my future i have a thought to go look. i have to support our family there's a new responsibility for me on my first time as the main provider.
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maybe i need times mom of course. and hung on number one and number three and with number of the evidence. that this will immunize here bad after an idea your next. to last a never say never again let's all hurts how come. i love nothing i got into a fight. over this laila my finger is numb where i why a man will have about the one bit he could not do yeah probably the other there the sister beats him real hard. a couple she was crazy. she was still sleeping when he started to scream much of a book but he has no shame. well there were his debts off him to be kind to her before he went to jail rebel blew up the don't need to run the house and
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that was how the world that he ass you're the man of the house now i know but boyce shouldn't have girls was not at. all what. you mean subject myself to the lives of. our you live in as how mr lee kids grisha. going to medical and shit again must develop our trade to put in when our only chance is to prove that we can achieve with the times is in a mess no not in my and second. ways stablished the
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recycling school and then when we teach our kids to read maps. as a computer is an existing. kind initiative and they learn how to run a business but that's nothing and yet south this is what contracts look like when teach them new ways of thinking to be empowered unlike their parents last time and even that's all i want. to know how that lets them know how children need to learn more about these companies from the bullet monday nothing. of how exactly what time is the bus leaving yourself if your little home he looked everywhere for summer was. so out of that's it we're leaving.
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it to us and how can you as an international company not trust cycled plastic called bold. and all that is recoverable the best out of how could you bury a fortune like this is the beauty of defeat we misjudged is there an odor but remember the field where are we. can go what are we standing on he didn't offer him a girl other than filling them up from. what was it oh what over there. mother they still have lots of plastic here. rabbit hole i'm not sure. you'll want that chair but i saw it first.
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and i have plans to open a business in my neighborhood. that's a dream i have to abandon. but i no longer see a future for me here. that our school is trying to send us a fraud to see how foreign societies work as. i imagine people in europe and america are paid medical and i were vicious. on the work to succeed and if i desire this to.
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work what. i made some money from from is a little jealous to me again that so before i lose my temper the only place i know why i need to. no i don't want to know. what they doing by making pastor. howard i'm tellin mom. when i want to go ahead and tell him to bill me. oh but i never see this. from oh it's hard to blow when it. i have
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a splint on aren't you supposed to be a twerk. yeah no there how come. we feel that the already finished all i needed to do that and. he was laughing the leave me the rest of you had last night and i didn't. try. an hour earlier it's hard for someone like me from the lower class i went to get a chance to travel abroad. in
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one of them a big organization in europe sponsored kids from my schools for a week to study the latest recycling methods. and then. i've always dreamed of traveling abroad. and now god gave me a chance like this. please . to close to her remind you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got the future of coverage. and in the year iraqis know the trade journals. some ways go into the u.s. contractors there's kind of wasting their time trying to get killed.
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i thought all along the link to the p.c. about my father in my. view to the team of twenty seven days in new points of publicizing people invited him on to something i think who believes he will start in the face of a dialogue just. changing the slogan or the way the sums him spends. little .
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feel and.
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